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Rattan Furniture Set for Beautiful Artistic Home Inspiration

You will be wowing from the first time looking at this artistic home with rattan furniture set. The beautiful landscape with flat roof, massive glass windows and the nature touch is really something you will not left out. To reach this Caruth Boulevard Residence in Dallas, Texas you will need to take the step on the garden pathway. The concrete garden pathway is surrounding with small pebbles until in the front of the porch.

Tom Reisenbichler has design this house beautifully and elegant with touch of art. The artistic home ideas with the rattan furniture set can be seen even from a first glimpse from the garden arrangement. Everything is thought carefully to present beauty. In the minimalist garden you can see the touch of Zen garden from the use of rocks and stone. But you also can see the spark from the use of maroon pot surrounding.  The plant that is used is the type that will survive in the dry climate.

If in the front side you can see nice greenery. In the backside of the house you will find great place to hang out outdoor. The old tree is preserving and becomes part of the house which shades the patio. Rattan furniture with orange cushion looks warm and inviting. Wood and natural stone are two best elements that build the house. The white natural stone tiles for exterior wall looks elegant and you can see the wooden planks ceiling are looking fabulous.

Entering the house you will be wowing of house sophisticated and artistic of the entire interior design. Warm living room with modern fireplace is décor with red carpet and artistic wall décor. The white sofa is completed with Noguchi table. Take a step to the modern kitchen you will be amazed with the massive wooden use for the wooden wall partition, ceiling and also for the wine cellar. It is truly seen that the artistic home design ideas with the rattan furniture set like this is very heart welcoming, just check out the art hanging.

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