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Raise Your Indoor Aesthetics with Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

Adding the supporting furniture for special activities is really needed for giving better home comfort. Most of the furniture that are having special function are sometimes more expensive than the regular furniture. One of the furniture that is very expensive is coffee table. One of the solutions is by making reclaimed wood coffee table to be one of the furniture for the room which can be perfect for coffee time. It can be used in the living room, family room as well as the kitchen. The placement should be decided well, but it can be done and maturely considered later.

Coffee table seems to be very simple furniture that is available in the home. This type of furniture will not need any kind of complex structure. You can even make it to be very simple by adding reclaimed wood coffee table. Although using the purely all new wood elements is very good, it will cost pretty much. Some other cause why reclaimed wood used is because the aesthetic affects that will appear there. Probably, this is rarely realized by most of the people. However, if the maker is capable to reveal its maximum aesthetic look, the product of reclaimed wood coffee table DIY can be your final options.

Simple Steps of Making Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table

The simple design and performance of reclaimed wood coffee table will make all the presence of its DIY process are also easier. You can consider making it by yourself by preparing some of its easy to do steps.

First, the basic material of reclaimed wood coffee table plans should be considered well. The top part of the table is called as the top planks. It is good to choose the dry wood rather than the hardwood. The presence of the dry wood is giving benefits for the weight as well as the appearance. You can actually using the hardwood, however the cost will be higher and you will need extra efforts to move it to another place.

If the wood that you have is not dry enough, you can start to consider in putting the wood inside the kiln. This process is very effective. It is no problem if it takes much time because it will ensure the quality of reclaimed wood coffee table later. The average time for reaching the best dry of the wood is around two weeks. You can even complete the top planks using the table top protector. It will make the quality and performance of the top wood is always good.

After planks are made well, you can now look for the top surface of the table. As you know, it means that we need to look for any reclaimed wood. The better wood we have, the better reclaimed wood coffee table will be made. Most of the reclaimed woods are capable to be found in any industrial site. You can even find the wood from your barn or your old home parts. Just make sure that all of the materials are appropriate to be used as the part of table.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Structure and Decoration

Once the planks and the reclaimed table material are decided and even chosen well, you can now prepare the tools to make the table stand properly. The table structure can be made through various type of material. To make you are easier and more budget saving in making reclaimed wood coffee table. You can choose the wood as the solution. Ensure that the woods are really good to face outdoor weather. Although it will be place indoor, some consideration would be needed. You can even put the steel pipe as the easiest solution. This material will not need any complicated adjustment. All you need to do is just to adjust the height so everyone can sit well around the table.

Next steps of making the reclaimed wood coffee table are to ensure about the condition of your table top. If it is already good and proportional, you can start to make the attached parts from the planks and the legs. Without any mature options, this condition will reduce the age of the table. However when everything are prepared and managed to be well constructed, it would be great for any situation even when you want to hold massive coffee session. With this table, there will be no more unorganized table.

The next thing to do in ensuring the final form of the reclaimed wood coffee table with storage is to make sure about its proper construction. The assembling options are needed to be done carefully. Do not ruin your hard work only because of small mistakes. Basically all the processes are very easy to be done. All you need to do is just to put the presence of strong holder in each corner of the table leg. For its height, you can adjust this reclaimed wood coffee table with the existing height of the sofa or chair around as well. Ensure that the table supports highly ergonomically situation.

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
An example of a fully varnished reclaimed wood coffee table which made by using the medium-sized wood without a plank. The table legs is made by using steel pipe which is not too high, it designed greatly for enjoying coffee in the free time.

Most of the people are already satisfied when they realize that their reclaimed wood coffee table is already made. Actually there is just the major part of the DIY process. You will still need to give attention about the minor finish of the table. It may include various steps such as giving the finishing for the top area of the table. After that, the proper paint will also need especially when you use the steel material for the table leg. If the steel leg have no paint, the table leg will be easier to get rust.

As the reclaimed wood elements, it will appear strange to have the common finish of furniture. Do not give any paint only to make this table appear better. All the rustic sensation will be the aesthetic value of this table. After you are done with that, you can also consider about giving varnish for this reclaimed wood coffee table. As you know, varnish will never damage any elements or the part of the reclaimed wood. It will still capable to perform its aesthetic value inside.

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