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The Essential Laws of Camps Explained

5 Ways Summer Camp is Good for Your Children If you have ever attended a summer camp, hearing of the benefits of attending one is unlikely to surprise you. But you might not realize just how great the experience can be if you never went to camp as a child. Kids get to learn so much, have lots of fun playing games of all sorts, make friends, and ultimately grow in many different ways. If you’re still on the fence about sending your kids to camp, here are 5 of the top reasons why you should: Physical activity Today, kids spend way too much time inside just sitting. This physically inactivity is no good at all for them. Kids at camp are always on the move, as they should be, playing all manner of sports or engaging in activities such as running, hiking, swimming and jumping. Being physically active is great not just for their physical growth, but also mental and emotional maturity.
The Essential Laws of Camps Explained
Getting away from technology
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Camp is also a chance to unplug from technology–TV, internet, cell phones, which take up too much of the kids’ time today. Kids get to relate with real people in the real world when they get away from shell of tech. They get involved in activities that compel them to use their creative abilities. And they also come to realize that there’s so much else going on in the world besides technology. Developing social skills Camp is a place where kids must learn to work as part of a team rather than just for themselves. They learn to let go of their selfish agenda and put the common good of the group first. They also acquire conflict resolution skills, having gone through some conflict situations at the camp themselves. And they make some great friends, of course. Many of the social skills kids acquire in their interactions can only come through experience–they cannot be taught. Developing life-long practical skills Kids develop much more than social skills at summer camp; they may also acquire skills that can be quite valuable. Camps usually have great instructional material, facilities and teachers to help kids develop their artistic talents, sporting abilities, and everyday practical skills. Since most camps are themed, you’ll always be able to find one that matches your kid’s natural inclinations or abilities. Mental and emotional growth Kids get to try out many things they may have never tried before, and in doing so, push themselves out of their comfort zones. They also get lots of nurture and encouragement to help them overcome setbacks and conquer their fears. As the camp environment isn’t as super-structured as school, the kids are under much less pressure or fear of failure.

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