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Standard Kitchen Cabinet Sizes and What Use of Knowing Them

There are just many things you have to think about when you are going to do makeover to the cabinets in your kitchen. To be honest, it is better for you to look through every detail of the makeover done by cabinet maker or cabinet sales person. Without you knowing kitchen dimension, you will not know the right kitchen cabinet sizes to use for your kitchen. But, let’s talk about standard kitchen cabinet sizes first here.

The Standard Size of Kitchen Cabinet

Although there is different size of kitchen cabinet from each manufacturer, there is still standard kitchen cabinet sizes people used to know. You do know that cabinetry in the kitchen is designed for up and below. The one that is on the floor and against the wall is called base cabinets. These cabinets are formed in line to form kitchen counter where you can work on foods on the countertop. What is its proper size then?

The standard kitchen cabinet sizes for the base one is 24” deep and 34 1/2” tall. But, don’t think that the standard size of base cabinet would be the same with the upper one. Yes, upper cabinets are what we use to call the cabinetry set to hang on the wall above the base cabinet. By the look only, you should have realized that the upper ones are smaller. Yes, the size for upper cabinets is 12” deep and either 30” or 42” tall.

The Use of Knowing the Size

After you are fully informed about the standard kitchen cabinet sizes, you can avoid many unnecessary things, like having difficulty in finding the right kitchen cabinet for your kitchen size or having to pay cabinet maker or cabinet sales person’s mistake in measuring the size. Surely, knowing the size beforehand will cut your time, cost, and effort to find the one you really need. So, don’t be too unaware about the detail of your makeover process.

If you are not aware, you might have to pay for the mistake made by the people you hire to help you do the makeover. If you know the size, it would help you to know who is wrong when the mistake happens. So, would you rather knowing or not now? I am sure that you care about the money you have to spend for the makeover. So, if you want to be as thrifty as possible, it is good and helpful to know the standard kitchen cabinet sizes.

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