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Common Types of the Banner Stands

It is a common occurrence for persons to be interested in the trade show booths that contain identification banner stands. The banner stands act as signboard that directs the potential customer to the booth. It is unfortunate some booths lack this essential banner stand. These booths may contain some furniture but are not recognizable to the public. Any person will concur with me that these booths can be easily passed unnoticeable. The the banner stand is of prime importance in bringing in customers, and therefore company need to invest heavily on these banners.

There are myriad of different types of banner stands that can be used at any trade show booth. The choice of the banner stand is of prime importance. It gives rise to some effects. The most common types of banner stand you are probably going to encounter in any trade exhibition.
To start off are roll up banners. These banner stands to deliver the required to the customer. The banner rolls up and down when provided with the stand. The show is finished after the banner has been rolled down and attached to the ground. They are produced to cater for different sizes. Short type of banners can ride on a tabletop while others can be planted into the ground.

Cassette banner stands are another type of the stand. This type of banner stand allows alteration of the graphics at a faster rate by having them inside the “cassette”. This enables one to highlight different items by simply changing the graphics at every hour. these banners have more weight compared to another type of banner stands. The customers are easily attracted to the trade show booth hence increasing the opportunity of making sales.

There is also L banner stands type. These banners can be easily moved from one to place to another since they are not heavy. They usually come along with a gag. To ensure that the banner is straightly fitted ,both the top and bottom is hooked with clips. To supply to the client’s specification, the banners are tailor-made for the specifics booths.

Also available are X banners that contain three legs and a baking leg to ensure hooking the banner on its four corners. It is light and d easy to put it up. It also comes along with a bag for easier transportation.

Others are table stands that are placed upon the table tops to display the small tabletop banners. They may include roll up banner stand ,L banner stands, and x banner stand. The preference is according to customers taste,

At the nutshell is the pole up tension banner stands. They are easy to set up since they are light in weight. One has the option of using the extra elongated pole up tension banner stands to attract greater attention.

In addition are motorized banner stands. Acoording to clients resources and needs one obtains the particular banner.

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