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Range Hood Revolution

The kitchen range hood has evolved into an asset for many households, as home entertainment is on the rise. TV cooking shows has inspired home chefs to makeover their kitchens to accommodate new and improved stoves and ovens. Many of the styles of kitchen designs include the cooking island, commercial grade stoves, and griddles and for some include built in deep fryers.

Range Hood

All this new and more efficient cooking equipment for the home may put out increased BTU’s if gas operated, or additional heat from cooking, this requires increased exhaust abilities, more than the standard hoods that were manufactured even 10-15 years ago.

The chimney range hoods are designed replicating commercial hoods, but streamlined, sleek, and smooth. Island range hoods seem to hang almost like pendants over the cooking station; the exhaust blower is slightly stronger since the hood area is exposed on all four sides. You can choose a ducted exhaust that vents the hood outdoors or choose a ductless hood kit that will pump and recalculate the air back into your kitchen space. Many of the hoods have removable filters for easy cleaning.

Downdraft hoods can be recessed in the countertop, or on the backsplash. They can be very efficient and great for limited space or kitchen islands. Power packs and power modules are either enclosed within a cabinet over the range or are available in the commercial look over the range with a variety of designs that can include custom painted tiles. High-performance kitchen range hoods have commercial exhaust capacity that will function under any commercial range that the home chef may want to enjoy. Under cabinet hoods function well with a variety of stoves and cooking equipment with moderate exhaust capacity. For simple home cooking with moderate demands, this exhaust system will perform great and the hidden appearance will not detract from the beautiful cabinetry you have purchased.

With all the different styles and designs, almost all hoods can come in a contemporary, euro, or traditional design. Deciding on your kitchen motif will help you decide which hood will accent your kitchen appliances the best. There are many kitchen makeover websites and kitchen showrooms available to help with your decision. Choosing the right exhaust system for your style of cooking is important. You want to have the range hood that will compliment your home, remove the smoke and odors and make you look like a professional when you cook.

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