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Marble Flooring Tile for Mesmerizing Winged House Architecture

You might be question what is a winged house with marble flooring tile? Well it is a house which appears to have wings in the first glimpse. It is not totally wrong since apparently to give the house the perfect adjustment, slanted roof is made into wing form. This is because the house which is located in Singapore has a unique situation of located in the triangular site.

The long slanted roof is adapting that the house is divided in to two sections to adjusting with the land shape. The three story house is designed by K2LD Architects. To adequate with the full needs of the resident, the winged house designs with the marble flooring tile are thoughtful for it. In the first level you can find long pool, living room, dining room, two types of kitchen, bedroom and patio. Living in quite tropical country, the resident also affected with the food culture which compromising into having two types of kitchen. One is wet kitchen which is serve for the food preparation as many Asian food needs and the other is dry kitchen as the template to be show off.

Although the house is located in the triangular site, but it does not mean it looks cramped. In fact the house looks lush in green and literally surrounding with the green plants. As far as your eyes can see, the lush garden is very attractive. You can spend your time sitting in the patio next to the long pool and feel the natural breeze. The elegant and sophistication of this house is shown from the use of marble flooring which looks elegant and expensive.

Since nature is one of the biggest concerns in this house you also can see that the wall is using natural stone slab. It appears to be majestic, glamour and in the same time looks warm and welcoming. On the upper floor the hanging garden filled with pink and red flowers looks very attractive. Using those types of roof to sheltering the winged house design ideas with the marble flooring tile is great to see as it also gives beautiful atmosphere.

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