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Designing Your Own Fitted Kitchen

If you are interested in conserving space, a fitted kitchen is probably a better choice for you than a freestanding kitchen. While some people prefer the individuality that a freestanding kitchen offers, as well as the ability to change many things around at will, fitted kitchens when properly planned can also show individuality and creativity.

There are other pros and cons to building a fitted kitchen. Usually they make the best use of available space like ikea kitchen area design recommended, thus if your kitchen is fairly small or if it has a lot of angles and corners, a fitted kitchen will make great use of all available space. Benches can be custom built to fit into corners and the cupboards can be used for storage. Unfortunately, if you move from your home, the kitchen will need to stay whereas a freestanding kitchen can be moved with you.

Fitted Kitchen

Before finalizing the design of fitted kitchens, it is important to know what the kitchen will be used for and how much use it will receive. Families with several growing children will have different needs than a single or a couple without children. You will also need to decide in advance whether you will be eating all your meals in the kitchen or if you will just add a breakfast bar. Finally, what appliances will you be using in your kitchen. Is a big oven important for you? If you are a family with several children, you will need a larger refrigerator than a smaller family. Do you need a freezer? Do you use appliances such as blenders, juicers, toasters or waffle irons often and is it important that they stay on the counter tops? Determining the answers to these questions before you design your kitchen will help you to know how much counter space you need and where the bigger appliances in your kitchen will be located.

Some retailers offer fitted kitchen units. While there is not as much variety nor as many possibilities with these as there are with custom built kitchens, there is still usually many different options you can try. For example, you can usually choose between several different stove and oven options, and you can decide how much upper cupboard space and lower cupboard space you need. You can often also decide whether you want a two sink unit or a one sink unit, how much sink space you need versus how much foot preparation bench space is needed. The main thing is to carefully assess your needs and then plan your kitchen around that.

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